Decisions and Consequences

I could write a lot of things about my thoughts and opinions regarding the Hungarian elections, but I decided to share a story instead. For myself, to remember this lesson and for those who feels familiar with it. Visiting Mexico City was not originally in my plans. "I'm skipping the capital, it's too dangerous. Maybe... Bővebben →

My Top 10 in Istanbul

Stamboul, Byzantium, Constantinople, Gate of the East. Countless cultural and historical monuments. Nations, languages, religion, colors, smells. Old and modern, change and persistence, happiness and melancholy, noise and silence. It's all Istanbul. One of the places that everyone should see at least once. Because of my friends, and some Turkish knowledge that I have, I... Bővebben →

5+1 Amazing places to visit in Hungary

I truly love Budapest and I believe that it is one of the most beautiful and livable capitals in Europe. Perfect destination for visitors at any age or interest. Therefore I can totally understand that most of the people do not visit any other towns or villages in the countryside even tough they arrive for... Bővebben →

Működteti a , Anders Noren fejlesztésében.

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