The most useful things to pack for travelling

As a backpacker, not only the baggage rules of the airlines will determine how much things you carry with you, as you literally carry your home on your back many cases for months. So we think twice what will go our bag.

Before I left, I tried to get information about what are the indispensable but at least useful things for such a trip. It can be different for everyone depends on their travel, but found a lot of useful ideas.

Now I have gathered to you on what things I take the greatest benefits:


Almost every hostel has a storage closet where you can close your valuable things, if you have a lock for that. I bought a numeric lock because I have always trouble with keys and anyway, now the world is my home, I do not have my keystroke 🙂 While I’m traveling, I even lock my handbag’s zipper, especially at night. I use this type, it very well it’s job and keeping my values safe.

Inflatable neck pillow

Too posh? Of course not! It has helped me get through many night bus travels. Unlike its stuffy, plush companions, it has a great advantage that when it is not needed just stays at the bottom of your bag and do not occupy it. This is the type that I use.

Quick drying towel

Small, light, good absorbent and quick drying. I just love it. I bought two sizes, the little one always comes with me in the hand luggage. The big one is used is hostels where they do not provide towels. I think it is not the best for the beach, but I took a Turkish hammam towel for that.

One-piece swimsuit

Well, that’s a bit of a cheating because I got it during the trip, but you can learn from my mistake. The score of ocean- bikini was 10-0, so I was forced to do something. At the moment, the little tattered colorful bikinis are at the bottom of my bag and waiting to get back to the Caribbean or home to lake Balaton, but they are not interested to meet with the Pacific Ocean again. I’ve been looking for a one-piece swimsuit for a long time, which I do not look like an Easter ham and which has no dozens of sexy cutouts. Finally, I found the One in Costa Rica, at a second hand store. A retro sports swimsuit that does not provide any extras, just what it has to: remain at it’s place no matter how strong the waves are.

Pocket knife

Now I know that it would have been better off if I bring my godfather’s cutlery, a 4-in-1-can opener-knife-fork- spoon equipment, but the Swiss pocket knife what was gifted to me by one my friends is very useful too. If you travel by plane, of course, it is not hand baggage compliant, but in case you have a check-in baggage, it is worth taking one with you.



I’m at the sixth country of this trip and unfortunately the tap water is drinkable only here, at Costa Rica. In Cuba at some days I spent more on water than eating. Elsewhere, however, we can fill our bottles with potable water for free or for a little amount. So it is good for two reasons,to have a good (preferably non-plastic) bottle with us: we do not pollute the environment with new and new plastic bottles and we can even save some money with it.


My favorite blue kerchief was used for many things already: blanket on the unreasonably cooled bus, shrouded in churches and mosques on naked shoulders, dress on the beach, shopping bag when I suddenly decided to buy fruits and did not want to go home with 5 plastic bags … I think I do not have to go further. Super-useful, especially for girls.


At least two bankcards

It get stolen, get lost, stuck the machine, get injured and God knows what else can happen to your card during the journey. To get a new card is a torture even at home so do thousands of miles away from the nearest branch of your bank. I have 3 cards for my two different bank accounts. Because, such as it was cash, I like to distribute my money on my bank accounts and obviously store the cards separately.

Electronic devices

In preparation for a nearly one-year trip, I was faced with a lot of costs, especially for the electronics. I tried to cut costs but still keep the quality on the level that I could start this trip with reliable devices. I’ll tell you honestly I’ve been staying far earlier from Chinese online platforms, but last year I decided to give you a chance. I compared the prices and customer feedbacks and finally ordered the products from Banggood. Everything came in complete, impeccable condition and in time.


I had a small external charger at home, but I almost never used it, since I wasn’t without connection to power for a long time. The opposite is true while traveling, additionally my phone is in continuous use. Hostel reservation, address search, music, etc. It would not have been a funny to walk up and down to find the hostel in an unknown Mexican town in the middle of the night with a discharged phone.

I use this type. I can charge my cell phone very fast four times with it, which is enough until I get to somewhere where I connect it to power.

Universal charging adapter

The more place you visit the more adapters you will need. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but if you’re on a round trip or travel often, your universal adapter will be a good friend.

Noise filter earphones

In Budapest I would listen music always, even while I am walking down the street, but it is not happening when I am traveling. I like listening to street noise, talking to people, even the tiring cars. But a long night bus ride with a loud crazy Mexican movie and / or a crying baby is not what you want to listen for sure. So there come your noise filter earphones, turn the music on, close your eyes and good night! 🙂

There are many different types of models to chose from. This is the one which helped me to avoid of a lot of sleepless nights.

+1 tablet with keyboard or laptop

I recommend it only to those who work and / or blogging during their travels. In all other cases, it is unnecessary to take these devices with us, because it is just an extra weight and one more thing to look after. I can actually do everything on my phone what I need but writing the blog posts. (Except when my phone got stolen, the tablet was really handy for communication while I got a new device.)

I decided to get the tablet + keyboard combination a small, compact, not expensive and useful device.


In addition, I’ve brought you some surprises. Here are some other useful travel accessories, now discounted. When ordering, you can save your duty by choosing EU Express option:


I hope I could give you some useful ideas for packaging. Have a nice trip!

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