Backpacking in Portugal (randomtrip) Part 1 – Faro

There are days when you wake up in really bad mood, especially if it is Monday and outside it’s raining like hell. It can be the finest coffee there are cases when it does not make the situation better…

What can you do in such cases?

A, go back to bed, you pull the blanket on your head and hope that they forget that you exist

B, go to work, but the news about your bad mood arrives half an hour earlier than you, so when you get there nobody is brave enough to a look at you

C, pick up your passport, get away to somewhere warmer and don’t even look back

D, give a call to a friend of yours who does not hesitate much when it is about travelling

Although version C seemed really attractive, the decision was made on answer D.

– Hi, I’ve had enough! Let’s travel to somewhere during Easter?

– Okay!

By trusting the kindliness of our managers, we anticipated a 10-days vacation. After browsing a number of destinations and options, the Easter program was booked by that evening: 2 flight tickets to Portugal. The destination was the newness of the year by Wizzair: Faro.

Browsing the ocean side photos of the southern part of the country we would have liked to visit all the towns, coves, caves. Then considering the weather forecast, we thought that the weather in early April was not the time to go swimming (we were wrong), not to mention that we wanted to see the rest of the country. So we decided to make the most out of our time: let’s see eat and drink up the country! 🙂

So we knew the date of arrival and departure and that we wanted to see Lisbon and Porto. The length of stay at each places and the attractions which we’ve visited were decided during the trip. We chose to travel by train with Interrail Portugal Pass between the cities. This is actually a blank ticket that can be used for a month and has to be validated right before travel. We selected the 3 routes ticket type (Faro-Lisboa-Porto-Faro). It proved to be a good decision, as we were not tied to a fix date and time, not to mention that we’ve traveled around in the half of the country for a very good price of EUR 80.

In a couple of days we got into the pinky-purple (Wizzair colors) plane to get to a warmer climate; far away from Hungarian Eastern traditions.  Our accommodation was booked…for the first night.

As soon as we left the airport building in Faro, it became clear that the weather forecast is just simply unreliable, beside of that the sight of the burned skinned tourists on the bus (coming from the beach), made us realize that we did not carry the proper stuff here. But at least by the time we arrived to the hostel, we knew that we need another day to visit to the oceanfront and have sunbath at Faro. Therefore we extended our stay with one more night during the check-in.

DSCF7189Right after we took over our room in the hostel, we went out to the town, tasted the local beers and found out where the locals go if they would like to have something delicious to dine. So that’s how we got to Tasquinha Cruzeiro restaurant, which we probably would not have recognized but pass if we did not get the tip. Local restaurant, local flavors, local guests and such delicious fish dishes that even ‘idontlikefish’ myself loved it and consider as one my best dinners ever. Unfortunately, it was closed at the next day so we could not eat there again. Which is also very sad because we went around the city about three times and found no better but even a moderately good local restaurant..

Instead of that we got into a very cool wine bar with wide selection and extra cheerful staff. It is called Se7e Pedras and I recommend it to everyone for a pleasing evening conversation or party warm-up.

The next day we walked into the downtown area, which is very charming, but won’t make you interested for more than a few hours. That is the best thing in Faro. It’s so small that it won’t take your time to travel from A to B. Everything is there, right next to you. Really. 🙂 Also the bus station, so we jumped on the vehicle and we were already riding to the shore so that in the evening we would smile with the red cheeks at the passengers on the airport just like to us a day before.

The first meeting with the ocean, warm sun rays, wind, sand, surfers, good company, cold beer. I think I described everything about our afternoon.

In the morning, we got our Interrail tickets from the world’s slowest and calmest ticket agents at the railways station. By waving the tickets in one hand, holding a spilled coffee in the other, heavy bags in our shoulders it seemed to be our longest run ever to catch the early morning Lisbon train in the very last minute…



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