My second home: Turkey – the beginning

I will write a lot about Turkey to you and probably I will be one-sided. My first visit there was 8 years ago, when I was 22 with the aim to celebrate my fresh graduation with a great holiday. I did not expect that it will turn into a love which does not die down but getting deeper since then.


My destination was Kusadasi, a resort town near the Aegean Sea. As a student I did not have much money, I’ve selected the cheapest option with Malév’s (Hungarian airline which went to bankrupt meanwhile) night flight to Istanbul, followed by an early morning flight to Izmir. The most surprising thing is that I wasn’t scared at all that I had to spend half of the night at the airport, or due to the fact that I was travelling alone to the Unknown. At that time, Turkey was a calm and secure country. I am very grateful that I had the chance to get it know like that.

The following post is from my  Facebook right after arrival:

After waiting 6 hours for the next flight in Istanbul  (in the middle of the night), I was sitting in the transit, waiting for boarding. I wanted nothing but a good breakfast and my flight. A group of elders sat next to me and started to eat. Once, as I was sitting there reading, a hand appeared in front of my book. I looked up and one of the ladies from that group was standing there, smiling and holding a piece of simit (pastry with sesame) and a glass of orange juice towards to me. Just because I was sitting next to them. I was so surprised that I was unable to say ‘thank you’ in any language so we both nodded with a huge smile. Which ment  ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’ on that sleepy morning in Atatürk Airport

Actually, this mentality determined my stay: humanity, kindness and food 🙂 The holiday was really great, Kusadasi was a wonderful place that time. Unfortunately, its population has doubled since then, and the number of tourists is extremely low nowadays, but this is another story.

I spent 10 days in the ‘Bird-island’ and when we said goodbye with tears I knew it was not our last meeting. And how right I was…


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